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dreamed on August 9, 2008

I was standing on a beautiful tropical beach looking out at the blue sky meeting the blue water. I watched an airplane land on the beach. The runway had been built out of three natural sand bars that ran perpendicular to the beach, one for each of the plane’s wheels. I was impressed by the ingenuity of this - surely there isn’t much room on tropical islands for full airports - but worried about its safety.

Inside the resort, my travel mates were laughing with the staff about having the air conditioning on so high that the inside temperature was 32 degrees Fahrenheit because we were from Alaska.

Lying on my back on top of the blankets, I was talking to someone in the other room through the open doorway. A customer came into the lobby and rang the bell on the desk. I stood up and was straightening my clothes when the bell rang again. I walked out to the counter and saw a man ring the bell for the third time.

I greeted the man, and he reached over to give me a sideways hug. I awkwardly leaned in, not sure why he wanted a hug because I didn’t even know him. The man pulled me in tight, fully against his chest, and proceeded to rub his penis through his jeans.

He wouldn’t let me go, and I was unable to say anything. I looked over the man’s shoulder at my travel mates, Tanci and Tom, who were reading magazines and not noting what was happening. After a bit I was able to move my lips, and then finally make some sound. I said Help too quietly a few times, then called Tanci’s name.

Tanci looked up at me with her eyes wide, and Tom stepped in to yank the guy away and throw him out. I went back to lie on top of the bed and worried about what would happen when the guy wanted to check out and I was there all alone. I wondered why I didn’t do anything, why I leaned in for his hug. I told myself that next time I would have a knife, but I don’t believe it.

dreamed on July 22, 2008

There was a row of toilets facing a large, busy room. I sat on one warily, next to a couple of women chatting. I pushed the seat back like a recliner. The whole chair leaned back into a cover, far enough for complete privacy, but at an odd angle for urinating. I peed at that strange angle, but worried that the urine was going to run down my back.

The chair had been built for shorter people than I, and my head was squished along the plastic side of the chair cover. I hoped it was clean, because I had no other choice but to leave my head against it.

The angle of the chair wasn’t stable for my size or weight: the center of gravity was off. While I was still peeing, the chair righted itself. I quickly pushed the chair back again so I could fully empty my bladder.

When done and the chair had been righted, I needed to pull up my high-high blue socks and pull down my skirt without flashing anyone. My skirt was tucked into the top of my socks, and the more I tried to pull up my socks the more my skirt got stuck. i didn’t want to draw people’s attention by making a big scene, but needed to untuck my skirt.

Themes: Toilet

dreamed on July 3, 2008

I was getting ready for work and glanced at the clock. I then realized that I had forgotten about the lighting workshop that day, as well as missed the mixer the night previous. I was supposed to have gotten a ride with Jamie, but completely forgot.

I drove out to Palmer as fast as I could. I arrived late; the group had taken a break and was milling around. I was embarrassed about my small camera but found a nicer one on the hood of my car. I grabbed it and took a few test shots with it. I considered taking it and claiming it as my own, but I didn’t.

Inside, I had some trouble finding an open seat. I finally sat down and Toffee the hamster crawled out of my bag. I played with her for a bit, and she bit me. I wondered what I would do with her for the whole day, and tried to put her back into my bag without her jumping onto the floor. The person sitting next to me looked worried about the hamster.

When the instructor came back, I lifted the camera I found above my head and said that I had found it on my car. The instructor took it and took a few test shots, and then a woman raised her hand and said it was hers.

He started instruction, but I had a difficult time following. Briar & Nadia walked into the class looking skinny and put-together, both wearing green. I adjusted my smart green skirt and green knee socks, feeling self-conscious and not wanting them to recognize me.

Melissa then walked in with our chihuahua Chilly and lied down on the couch by the table of snacks. I sat with her and asked what she was doing. She had sneaked away from the mall and got Lacey from a boarding house. She told me that after Mom dropped me off, she left Lacey in Anchorage because she didn’t feel like Lacey should come home.

We both pet Lacey and then I surprised Melissa by pulling Toffee out of my bag. We loved on both animals for a bit and then I told her I had to get back to the class. The instructor was doing a slide show and I wasn’t following along. I put Toffee back in my bag and Melissa left with Lacey.

There were two long tables with chairs on one side facing a projection screen. When I sat back down, the man next to me squeezed my knee and his hand lingered. I pushed it off annoyingly, and saw it was the cute actor from The Office. He was confused because women always liked his hand on their legs.

I could only understand bits and pieces of the presentation. It was like a movie trailer with disjointed information. I could see the table full of cookies on the other side of the room and realized I was very hungry.

Themes: Melissa

dreamed on June 7, 2008

I was at a ski resort and needed to pay for two lift tickets and ski rentals. The total came to over $100, and I asked if I could pay the bill with foreign currency. They wouldn’t accept foreign money even though I had three $300 foreign bills in my wallet. I wondered why I even had them.

I had to pick a chair lift as my home base, and wanted to pick #2 like everyone else. But it had been so long since I skied that I would probably spend all day on chair lift #3 or #7. After a lot of deliberation, I was told that the home chair supposedly didn’t matter.

I was still trying to decide when a black cloud rolled over the ski lodge and burst with lightning. The lodge owner wasn’t pleased and wanted it to go.

dreamed on June 7, 2008

Steve and I were at the grocery store, and I paid for our items with cash from my very fat wallet. When we left, I discovered that I had lost my small pink tooth. I still had my big pink tooth. I went back to the grocery store and asked the woman who checked us out about my small pink tooth. She said that a girl had found one, and pointed her out to me.

I knew she had my tooth and confronted her, but she denied it. I grabbed her, angry, and shook her shoulders. I squeezed her wrist hard and dragged her around. I yelled at her that I wanted it back. She admitted to finding it in a long, dark tunnel, and told me that she wouldn’t give it back.

I told her that if she gave it back to me I would tell her how to find one of her own. She agreed and I told her where to find a pink tooth before she gave mine back. I realized my mistake and knew she would never give it back to me.

I pinned her to the ground, spread her legs, and looked inside her vaginal lips. She rolled her eyes, not struggling against me at all. It wasn’t there.

dreamed on June 6, 2008

There was an emergency and we needed to evacuate. I put Lacey in her kennel and the hamster in her travel cage, but there were three or four other pets that I couldn’t find. We had to go immediately, but I was panicked. I didn’t want to leave any animal behind.

Themes: Left Behind

dreamed on May 31, 2008

I was sitting in Ninilchick with the new school choir instructor for the peninsula. Dad was going to run against him in the election. There were signs all around town asking people to donate to the new guy. After talking with Dad about his wanting to run against the man, I ran back to Mom and asked how I could donate to their campaign. She told me he was sitting in the principal’s office, and I could just go give him some money.

I didn’t want to meet him, so I sat down. I couldn’t remember if I had any cash on me. I sat with Mom and Jen, talking about the new instructor and his family. Jen had asked them if they had any arrangements for their vehicles, and he asked her, “What vehicles?” I asked Jen where they were from, and she told me Central Park. She had explained about four-wheelers and snow machines and trucks and trailers and they had gotten very excited. They had never driven before.

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